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Why your python script should not modify LD_LIBRARY_PATH

It starts with some colleague trying to manipulate LD_LIBRARY_PATH in his python scripts before importing a module. His shell starts up environment has a LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting which he would rather not change. But before loading a specific module that is … Continue reading

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I raised my stack limit and it began to crash?

It all starts with a mysterious crash that my colleague noticed when he runs the same server with the same setup on two different boxes (but with identical hardware) and one of them crashes every time while the other works … Continue reading

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ADF and TRF – what are they, how are they different

Was trying to understand the two confusing terms and could not find good articles giving clear explanations so I have decided to start my own one. Introduction Alternative Display Facility(ADF) and Trade Reporting Facility(TRF) are both trade reporting infrastructure under … Continue reading


Uncaughtable runtime error on Solaris

It all begins when one of my colleagues tries to create a C++ plugin for Q/KDB binary. The design of Q/KDB allows you to create plugin in your favorite language, implement functions you need and then import and use them … Continue reading

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RegNMS Order Protection Rule Explained

Order Protection Rule (a.k.a. Trade Through Rule) is always a bit confusing given what it wants to achieve in a complicated, fragmented market environments. Here I am trying to summarize and clarify some of the confusions ,that initially puzzled myself, … Continue reading

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