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about ELF – PIE, PIC and else

Recently I have been reading something about ELF PIE and PIC and I realized that there is some confusions about them and I have tried to summarize my understandings here. a) How to tell if an ELF file is PIC … Continue reading


ssh host key fingerprint and known host file

I have always been wondering what below message means when I try to connect to a new host but I have always given “yes” to the question. After all, what does those fingerprint mean, how should I know whether I … Continue reading

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Why this constructor call fails to compile?

Recently a colleague asked about why below code does not compile with his latest gcc compiler. Use case seems to be pretty simple and it makes a lot of sense to intuitively believe that the “A a = 1.0” should … Continue reading

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No such file or directory ??

Often times when we try to run an executable file linux system will tell us error with “no such file or directory” even when we are pretty sure it exists. It can go to such a point that we are … Continue reading

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Is Int write operation atomic on x86_64?

Nearly always we read from documents and web posts that X86_64 can do 64bits write operation atomically. So if thread 1 is writing value A to an integer while thread 2 is writing value B to the same integer we … Continue reading

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